Defusing Hostile Interactions – Self Directed

Kerry · January 28, 2022

Welcome to Defusing Hostile Interactions

This self-directed course, Defusing Hostile Interactions: An Front line Perspective is designed for people who find themselves dealing with hostile or aggressive behaviour as a part of their regular work. Dealing with these encounters requires not only emotional energy but also conscious defusing strategies. The hope that with increased awareness and effective engagement, one can minimize the impact of stress in the moment as well as any carry over stress.

The goal of the course is to enhance personal effectiveness and increase personal safety by identifying factors that escalate hostility, and develop personal strategies in addressing hostile behaviour.

Please see below for information and resources that you will need for your upcoming training.

Course Information:

  • This course is available for you and your personal schedule.
  • Learners will have two weeks to complete the course from the time they log in.
  • Person to contact for technical difficulties signing onto Zoom, Kerry Palmer,


  • Computer
  • Headset or speaker/microphone set up
  • Webcam
  • Chrome is the recommended browser

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