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Defusing Hostile Interactions: One Day Course

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Limit Setting or Requesting Behavioural Adjustment

Kerry September 15, 2021

Limit setting, is another aspect of assertiveness. This may be necessary when you find someone else’s behaviour to be unacceptable, distracting, unproductive or challenging. The ability to set limits starts with our own self-image – how do we let others treat us, what’s okay and what’s not okay.

Even when we’ve reached our limits of tolerance for another person’s behaviour, some may not say so, for fear of their reaction. It’s true that taking care of ourselves and expressing what our limits are may result in a defensive reaction from then other person. Not doing anything will make it more difficult for you to do your best work and, may give the impression to the other that what they are doing is okay by you. The key to limit setting is to avoid the tendency to blame and to give the person a choice to respect your limits or realize the consequences.