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Defusing Hostile Interactions: One Day Course

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Supporting Other Staff in Crisis Intervention

Kerry September 15, 2021

In work areas where more than one staff member is present, it is necessary for staff teams to discuss and commit to a common strategy for assisting as a third party support to staff dealing with an escalated client.

Below is an effective model for third party assistance:

  • Ensure all staff understand the process for assistance.
  • Ensure all staff are committed to the process, and  all staff accept the responsibility of their role in support to other staff.
  • Engage only your co-worker who is directly involved in the crisis event.
  • Speak only to your co-worker, do not engage the other party.
  • Do as your co-worker requests.
  • If altercation is in an open area, approach from the side, stop and address your co-worker by name from a distance of 2 – 3 meters.
  • Example: Knock on the office door, open the door and address your co-worker by name…“Sheila, I heard yelling. Is everything okay?”